Sent as a card on my 60th birthday by my lovely daughter Cait
 “I’m  still  searching”
 I  can  now see that all my music, all my songs over four albums have been trying to express and explore themes and questions I have always had.
Love is an eternal mystery. Birth and death, the beauty of birdsong, the infinite  radiant variation of the plant world, the changing moods of the seasons and the weather.
  The longings of the human heart for love, for companionship, for intimacy,  for home , for meaning,  are woven through all my songs.  Ultimately,  these longings are of a spiritual nature.
When not making music he facilitates personal development courses  with his partner Linda McKeown.
Browse around the website to find information on Martin’s music releases and appearances.
Available for sale online are Martin’s four CDs ‘Stone and Light’,  ‘Earthbound’,  ‘Rushlight’ and ‘We are Pilgrims’,  just click the ‘Albums’ link for more information.
 Martin has shared the stage with many great singers songwriters, including Si Khan , Dougie Mc Lean, Townes Van Zandt, Jimmy McCarthy,and poets  Tess Gallagher and Michael Longley.
I have a recording of the fabulous song ‘The Green Man’ by Martin Donnelly. I perform it with my band Gallowglass. I wish you could hear it, I just adore it.
– Jaime, Albuquerque USA.
I got The Celtic Mysteries CD and absolutely love ‘The Green Man’. I would love to be able to find Stone and Light too. His music and voice resonate with me somehow. Fantastic.
– Shannon
A friend gave me a CD with one of Martin Donnelly’s songs on it and then I bought Earthbound. I’ll buy any he comes out with and hope there will be one soon.
– Mollie
I already have Stone and Light and did an AOL search for Martin Donnelly : is he married?  I’m in love with this man……his music restores my soul.
– Virginia

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