Saturday 18th March…

Private  concert for the Helen’s Bay Wild Swimmers

Saturday 24th June..
  7.00pm Holywood Yacht Club

October/November 2019

October  30th     Muenster Waldorf School    2 concerts.

S November.  1st

Gartencafe      Muenster 21.00

Nov 7th Private Concert.  Alfter

Nov. 8th  Private   House Concert   Bonn

Nov. 9th  Concert.  Praxis Elke Diener    Bonn.     21.00

Nov 10th  Tapferas Schneiderlein

Bad Muenstereifel   16.00

Concerts 2019

May 1st – May 9th.

Series of Private concerts in  Cologne,  Oedekoven, Bonn , Muenster and Itzehoe

Concerts 2018

Germany 2018

 September/ October.  Dates

Sept 30th. Hummel – Pitscheid ,  Praxis Claudia Weyer  

October 3rd.  Praxis Julia Ippen  Cologne

October 4th. The Brave Taylor Bad Munstereifel . 02253/932 7870

October 5th. Oedekoven  Private House Concert

October 6th  Praxis Elke Diener   Bonn

October 7th  Praxis Elke Diener Bonn

Concerts 2017


Martin Donnelly “The Amsel Tour”

Sunday, October. 8th. Rupert Folk Club Nuernberg     

Tuesday October 10th. The  Brave Taylor, Bad  Münstereifel 02253/932 78 70

Wednesday October 11th. Private house Concert

Thursday 12th October. Private House Concert Bonn.

Friday October 13th The Coachhaus Rheinbach

Saturday 14th October. Praxis  Elke Diener Bonn 0228/242 57 33

Sunday,  October 15th.  2017 /  1800 at Strackenhof,  Endorf, Sundern


Concerts 2016

Martin Donnelly “The Poet’s Journey”

Sunday, October 16th 10.30 / 12.30, Brave Little Tailor, Bad Münstereifel (02253/932 78 70

Orchheimer Straße 44

53902 Bad Münstereifel

More information can be found here:

Thursday, October 20 19.30 / 20:00 Early Bird Shop, (0179/542 77 92

Koblenzer Str. 19-21

53173 Bonn

Friday, October 21 Private House Concert, Cologne

Saturday, October 22, 19.00 / 19.30, practice Elke Servant, (0228/242 57 33

Meckenheimer Allee 73

53115 Bonn

Sunday, October 23, 18.30 / 19.00, practice Julia ribs & Claudia Weyer, (0221/422 661 or 0221/9724 52 12

Weyertal 50

50937 Köln -Sülz

Claudia Weyer & Manfred Weyer-Wilkens


53520 Hümmel-Pitscheid

Song Bird

On Saturday night Irish song-poet Martin Donnelly flew into town for a special one-off gig at the Star Anise Cafe. Hailing from the north of Ireland, Martin enraptured the small but appreciative audience with his sublime songsmithery. His easy manner eased us into his beautifully-crafted songscapes, often inspired by the coastline of his childhood, his family and friends, and his great passion: birds. Their presence was felt not only in direct references and imagery, but also in the melodies themselves. When asked about the influence of his ornithology on his songcraft, Martin at first offered a brush-off, ‘Isn’t it obvious?’ before responding in a more considered fashion. He illustrated how he has a hyper-awareness of them, their songs, habits and rhythms of movement. They clearly deep move him – especially the cry of a curlew. It was touching to see a man talk about his passion this way.

Particular highlights of his set were ‘She Is’ (his feminist revisioning of the anamorphic ‘Song of Amergin’); and the ‘Green Man’ – two iconic tunes showing the man firing on full cylinders. His poetic songwriting (influenced by Seamus Heaney among others) was matched by his skilled guitar-playing. His gentle, soulful style reminded me (in a good way) of Christy Moore.

Martin provided witty pre-ambles for all the songs and was consistently amusing – to himself as well as to the audience!  Martin Donnelly is a great ambassador for the North  of Ireland– his songs made me want to visit that coast. Martin joked he should be employed by the Northern Ireland tourist board. If you get a chance to catch this skilled songsmith, then please do. It was thanks to Caroine Kelly, director of the Waldorf College, that Stroud was graced with his presence. I hope his migratory path crosses this way again.


For further details please contact the venues.

 CD we are pilgrims cover (Copy)

2016 “We are pilgrims Tour”

May 6th.  Camphill Community Pennine, Wakefield

 May 7th .  Star Anise Cafe,   Stroud

June 17th .  Camphill Community Newtown Dee,  Aberdeen

July. 28th   Rostrevor Folk Festival, Lunchtime  Folkclub.

November 2015

Review of the Sunflower Folk Club concert by Judith Lowans- Thurley.

What a beautiful gig last night in the Sunflower Folk Club with my brother from another mother, Martin Donnelly. It’s not just the rich voice. It’s not just the soothing guitar. It’s not even just the ubiquitous red checked shirt ?. It’s not just that Robin’s On The Willow nudges your soul and almost makes you cry every single time. There’s the stories, interwoven with the songs with ease. There’s the humour: if you know Martin you’ll know the man can’t help being funny. Willie and Geordie and the land rover and the donkey and the 5 shillings are still in my mind’s eye today.
It’s all these things and it’s also Martin’s unique perceptions, both earthy and spiritual. Oh never mind listening to me blethering on, just listen to him for yourself, his new album We Are Pilgrims and his earlier work. He is the only artiste I know of who celebrates escaping the church by writing a Kyrie Eleison. The ethereal backing vocals of Cait Donnelly and Emma Morgan lend some of these songs a Cohenesque quality and I never expected to hear myself say that. Go buy the album, for your own good. I strongly suspect it will reach parts of you no other album ever did.

 November 12th –  The Sunflower Folk Club  Belfast

November 13th –  Poetry and song with Tess Gallagher and Martin Donnelly


Friday October 16th 2015

Elke Diener, Therapy rooms, Bonn
Doors open 7.15 pm

Sunday October 18th 2015

Folkclub Nürnberg “Molly Mallone’s”
Starts 7.00 pm

Friday 23th October

Doors open 7.00 pm

Sunday 25th October

Julia Ippen and Claudia Weyer,  Therapy Rooms, Cologne
Doors open 4.30 pm


2014 The Pilgrim Tour – Germany


Wednesday May 7th 2014, Pauke Life – Bonn

Doors open 6.30 pm


Friday May 9th 2014, Coachhaus – Rheinbach

Doors open 7.00 pm


Saturday 10th May, Julia Ippen and Claudia Weyer,  Therapy Rooms, Cologne

Doors open 5.30 pm


Sunday May 11th 2014, Haus Regenbogen – Hilterscheid,

  Bad Münstereifel

  starts 5.00 pm


Friday May 16th 2014, Artemisa – Bonn,

Doors open 7.30 pm


Saturday May 17th 2014, Elke Diener & Thomas Lammel – Therapy Rooms, Bonn

Doors open 7.45 pm


Saturday 1st February The Star Anise Cafe, Stroud Support,  The Prima Donnas Doors Open 7pm £7   or £5 concession

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