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We Are Pilgrims

‘We Are -Pilgrims’        £12.99 or Euro 18

Martin’s latest album. Launch date: 29 November 2015.

  1. We are Pilgrims
  2. Sometimes When We Meet
  3. Chain of Song
  4. Hungry Ghosts
  5. Madman
  6. Anima
  7. Looking for Healing
  8. Secret Place
  9. Song from the Dark Woods
  10. Come to the Window (Kyrie Eleison)

These are songs of the journey, of spiritual longing and the hope of redemption, the search for healing. The songs were born out of my own life’s experience of the  sorrow and joy of realizing that we are, both much worse than we would like to admit,  even to ourselves,and much better in our hearts core than we could have imagined.
‘We are Pilgrims’, features the  equally exquisite, fiddle and viola of Maire Breatnach and piano of Rod McVey and the angelic backing vocals of Emma  Morgan and my daughter  Cait Donnelly.


Rushlight         £12.99       or                  Euro 18

The essence of Donnelly’s always moving live performance with its resonance and emotional range, has been captured here on this highly distilled and crafted recording. Martin says this owes much to the sensitivity of Rod McVey’s production and the virtuosity of the band, Rod McVey on piano and Hammond organ, John Fitzpatrick on fiddle and viola and Nicky Scott on double bass, provide a perfect enhancement to Donnelly’s voice and guitar.


  1. I Hear a Song
  2. Moon on the Water
  3. Christos (Who Are You)
  4. Clooney Sands
  5. Don’t Look into My Eyes
  6. She is
  7. You Will Find Me
  8. Capricorn Blues
  9. Black Wind
  10. Slow Down My Friend (for Miguel)
  11. The Golden Light of Autumn


Earthbound                    £12.99 or Euro 18

Martin Donnelly performs a collection of his new songs with some of Ireland’s finest musicians. A unique combination of traditional and modern instrumentation including the New Celtic Lyre. An exciting new instrument, the Lyre, is being used here for the first time in this setting. Manufactured from an original design at Camphill Village Mourne Grange Kilkeel Co.Down, Northern Ireland it has “the most innocent sound.” O

  1. Whitepark Bay
  2. Daddy Will You Run
  3. Now The Swallows Are Away
  4. Aphrodite
  5. Love Is Not
  6. Columba
  7. Ashes
  8. Iona
  9. Everything
  10. Old Friend (Double Trouble)
  11. Longing To Belong Again
  12. The Robin

Stone and Light

Stone and Light                £12.99  or Euro 18

The first album from Holywood’s Martin Donnelly.

“A collection of powerful songs from Martin Donnelly. Martin hails from Holywood, Northern Ireland and many of his songs reflect places in Northern Ireland. “The Green Man” is a very evocative song about the mysteries of the woods and his song “My Father’s Coat” is beautiful and could elicit tears from a stone.

“This is an album with beautiful arrangements and musical contributions from some of Ireland’s finest musicians. Do yourself a favour, buy this album.”


  1. The Green Man
  2. Skylark at Noon
  3. My Father’s Coat
  4. Rathlin Island
  5. Golden Cloak
  6. Caolaidhe’s (Kali’s) Song
  7. Life’s Too Short
  8. Flute of Ebony
  9. Bright Star (I Followed Home)
  10. Cascade River
  11. Hunger In Your Eyes
  12. This Clear Night

2 thoughts on “Albums”

  1. I enjoyed Martin’s first two albums and found myself often playing them when I was sitting with my mother who was gradually departing this world. She didn’t comment but it always seemed to sweeten the moments as they passed.

  2. Yes, all Martin’s albums have a special “peace” and tempo, with lyrics from the Heart. Can’t wait for number Five……when do you think Martin? Love from Franci and Willx

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